MEASUREMENTS: 70 x 20 x 30 CM


Black and white coat rack, complete made of metal. Black and red metal hooks. Showed in the 1960 Artimeta catalogue as model 110 ‘Portemantaux ideaal’. According to some ‘Goed Wonen’ ( Dutch decorative magazine ) advertisments from the fifties referred to as ‘Mategot product’. Both original documentation available for inspection. For sure is Mategot was highly involved in the design proces of much of the Artimeta products until 1960.
Quite heavy piece, solid made but very transparant appearance. The neutral color scheme makes it adapt in any ( midcentury modern ) space. Great condition, affordable shipping!

After the second world war, Artimeta was one of the Dutch companies which became succesful producing small metal furniture and lighting designs in a new, innovative European style. In their early years, Mathieu Matégot designed a series of metal furniture and household products for this company. The later designs by company owner Floris Fiedeldij are strongly influenced by the work of Mategot. The style of Mategot was of great influence on the designs of Perriand, Anvia, Pilastro and Tomado.