MEASUREMENTS: H 150-200, SHADE 44 X 19, BASE 26 CM

PRICE: 1195,- EURO

Of all the Hammerborg designs, this one truely stands out; the striking shade which strongly reminds of a rocket engine must be inspired by the space travel craze of that period.

Very good condition, no dents. All electrical parts have been checked. The light has a double floor switch, so the shade’s two bulbs can be used seperately. Thanks to the ball-socket joint the shade can be turned in all directions, the height is also adjustable. Color scheme is black-aluminium.




Back to the year 1904, A. Fog and E. Mørup began to develop the idea of going into business. The company was founded, and a few years later they moved to Copenhagen and began to specialise in lighting design.
At the end of the fifties, the company really emerged as an important producer of lighting design, and in 1957 Johannes Hammerborg was appointed as head of the design team.
Hammerborg’s innovative modernist designs became the trademark style of the company during the 1960ies and moved the company into the forefront of Danish modernist design. One of Hammerborgs’ signature was to create a model in a few different finishes or materials, and use these variations across the product lines. Hammerborg also designed several glass lamps with beautiful sculptural forms, which were produced by Holmegaard glassworks for Fog and Morup.
In 1980 Jo Hammerborg left the Fog and Mørup company to start up his own lighting business. Hammerborg’s designs won numerous design awards during his career at Fog and Mørup.