Terms and conditions



When an item has been ordered, it will be packed professionaly and very decent, based on 10 years experience shipping bigger and smaller items to all countries within the EU as well as to other continents. All items will be shipped with a standard insurance against missing and damage.

Items offered at online gallery www.cencity.nl are in used vintage condition. The condition of the item will be described as it is in general. When usermarks or damages are very specific or visible, it will be shown on the pictures or be mentioned. Due the nature of vintage items, small signs of usage and wear can be expected as well as ( partially ) restoration work.

Basically, all items are considered to be collector items. The electrical devices are in working order and tested ( unless mentioned they are not ), sometimes wiring or electrical parts are still original, sometimes replaced, but it might be that this does not come up to the current ( specific or personal ) safety standards ( of your country ). In general all lighting is as safe as the standard of the period it was made in or safer.

When an item has been shipped and has arrived, the customer should check the condition and quantity of the items within 48 hours, regarding the agreement by previous contact by email, phone, personal contact or based on information mentioned at this website. There is a 14-days return and money back policy, but the costs of the shipping as well as the costs of the return shipping have to be payed by the buyer, and the item has to come back without damage.

Cencity is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage, which can result from buying, return-shipping, using or re-selling items which has been purchased at cencity.nl.

For more information about the items or specific pictures of the items offered at www.cencity.nl, please send an e-mail with a request or make a phone call. When you have any questions about an item that has been ordered at www.cencity.nl, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

No rights or claims whatsoever may be derived from the information on this website.