MEASUREMENTS: H 224, D 40 W 164 CM


The genuin Cado Royal System modular shelving system with writing shelf cabinet. This set also contains the longest sized black wooden wall slats of 224 cm.
The big drawer box offers a lot of storage space. One small drawer boxe with the same profile in de front.
The black color compliments the soft teak material very well, and gives this piece a fantastic elgegant appearance. This set offers much functionality and could be a great alternative for a writing desk. All parts checked and cleaned and all is in a great ready for instant use condition.

Summary this set contains:

– one writing shelf cabinet d 37 w 80 h 43 cm
– one big drawer box d 40 w 80 h 52 cm
– one small drawer cabinet w 80 d 30 h 15.5 cm
– 3 big shelves, each 80 x 30 cm
– 2 smaller shelves each 80 x 24 cm
– 3 wood supports h 224 cm
– all hooks and small parts needed, all complete.

All parts are in very good condition. When ordered, this item comes with an excellent packing and shipping service.



During the fifties many European furniture companies followed this success and started producing a wide range of comparable wall mounted systems, also using prefab materials for the production, but only the Cado system offered a very large number additional parts that could be choose from at the time; shelves and boxes in many sizes, different wood finishes etc. In the 1960ies, Cadovius took over the Danish furniture company France & Søn and renamed it into CADO. Cadovius worked with a number of famous designers such as Arne Vodder, Grete Jalk and Finn Juhl.